Heads Galore!

I like making heads. Not so much the bodies because there are so many questions to answer: Is it going to be wool like the head? Or is it going to be fabric? Fur? Will it be in a fixed position or will it have movable limbs? Should I dress it in a spiffy outfit? See? So many questions(okay so not that many but they're BIG and IMPORTANT questions that have to be answered)

This grumpuss(ha, grump puss!) was originally going to be a dog, but I figured that I hardly ever make cats so why not make a cat, plus I have horse hair from a broken violin bow that would be perfect for whiskers.

Easter's coming up so I figure I should make a rabbit. Big pink eyes and buck teeth. I get my teeth from an Etsy seller 1stopdental because while I can and have made teeth of my own, it takes forever and I just don't have that kind of time. I got heads to make!

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