Okay, so I'm really bad at updates. Really bad. But I'm going to get better!

I've got notifications that pop up on my phone and computer reminding me to post.

I write out schedules and lists(I love writing lists!) I'm going to be scheduling posts, so even if I forget, technology won't.

Here are some of the bigger updates happening in the Jaali's Dollies world!

  • Etsy shop update - September 1st Finally!! It's been over a year since the shop was open. Things have been so crazy I just didn't have the time. But it's happening! And I'm coming up with ways to stay on top of it. It's going to be great.

  • Launch of my Patreon - End of September For those of you that don't know, Patreon is a website where you can support artists by donating a certain amount each month AND get cool rewards in return! For me, this will help fund projects such as creating resin figurines, outsourcing some of my plush to be mass produced or traveling to art shows. By donating, you get access to super exclusive content that I won't be showing anywhere else. Tutorials and sneak peeks of new creatures. You get to access a window into the messy creative world of my mind.

  • HALLOWEEN DOLLIES Okay yes Halloween isn't till the end of October but I've got to start preparing way ahead of time! The whole month of October there will be fun Halloweeny dollies. There might even be a discount or two!

  • ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY Can you believe it!?! October 15th marks the year anniversary of the shop being...well, a shop! Keep an eye out for an invitation to the party!

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