Shop update October 1st!

Hey y'all, it's almost time.

You know. Candy eating, costumes, ghost stories around the fire(do people still do that?) All things pumpkin spice and.... H A L L O W E E N.

Sunday is October 1st and there's going to be a big shop update with lots of Halloween-y dollies! I'll put up a featured slide on the website with a picture of all the dollies. That will go up on Friday or Saturday so you can get a sneak peek and decide on what you might want before it's gone! I will be making more Halloween dollies throughout the month of October and will be open to suggestions.. But I won't be working at such a feverish pace like I am currently. After the 1st I'll be focusing on some bigger dollies the days leading up to my one year anniversary party. That's right! October 14th is the one year anniversary of owning a shop! It's going to be fun. You should come! I'm very excited to be redecorating the shop for this spooky October. Save the dates!

October 1st: Etsy shop update October 14th: One year anniversary party!

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