April Updates

It's April now. Who knows when my last blog post was. Ah well, that doesn't matter. I bring you just a few updates! I've updated my Patreon page(please have a look at it!) with fewer reward tiers and ones that I can more easily follow. I'm having an open house at the shop on May 12th (you can find the Facebook event here... Come say hi!) and I'll have the shop nicely restocked with lots of colorful and cuddly new dollies.

If I can figure it out, I would like to do a weekly streaming video, either doing some creature doodling or while working on a new dolly. I'll have to see if my internet can handle it or not first...Would not want to have a bad connection!

April 16th is Save the Elephant/World Elephant Day. Mark your calendars! I have two classes coming up. Elephant Making and Penguin Making. Hope to see you there! I've also updated the website a bit so have a click around. ❤︎ J


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