2019 is the YEAR!

2018 was a year let me tell you. Like any year it had its ups and downs but for the most part I had a very successful year with the Dollies. Some highlights of my year:

  • Participated in my first big art festival

  • Made nearly 50 penguins(going to aim higher this year!)

  • Got accepted as a vendor to DesignerCon!

  • WENT to DesignerCon and sold my dollies along with 3000 other booths

I'm very proud of my 2018 accomplishments and I met a lot of new and wonderful artists.

This year I'm going to be applying to 7 art fairs/conventions. Three of which I've participated in before.

I've sort of come up with a "go-to" list of dolls to make for every festival and they only vary a little depending on the event. This is going to make it so much easier going forward. I won't have to worry about what to make, I'll just whip out my list and get sewin'! My goals this year are to:

  • Post more regularly on social media(I've challenged myself to make/finish one doll every day this entire year. So far I've made 29)

  • Add at least one blog post a month

  • Make a BJD(ball jointed dolls... They're very cool but this will be quite a challenge!)

  • Experiment with new materials/materials I'm not so comfortable with

  • Write/illustrate some sort of book(maybe it'll be a coloring book but hey, as long as I have physical evidence by the end of this year...)

  • Complete challenges such as #marchmeetthemaker, #drawlloween or #inktober

For most of these goals I will be sharing little snippets around my facebook page and Instagram but I'm going to be sharing behind-the-scenes photos/videos/thoughts on my Patreon! Consider joining my Patreon family for as little as $2 a month and get some exclusive access to the chaotic creativity that swirls in my brain!


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